i love your art so much and also your blog is awesome,,, nobody else draws touhous as obsessively as you

AAAAA thank you!!! this is a very nice message to wake up to ^9^ i love me some touhous.. cant get enough..

☆ star sapphire in all her kkhta glory ☆

☆ star sapphire in all her kkhta glory 

Love your art! c: keep going like that

HOW NICE… thank you ^9^



love me some demon girl oc

love me some demon girl oc

Hello!!!! I have a question about your commissions ! Why don't you draw masculine characters?ö

its just the fact that im really bad at it HXJDBDKF i mainly only draw girls so when i draw guys they come out pretty feminine thats it you can still request it but you just gotta keep in mind theyll probably come out looking pretty feminine… sorry!!!

lol nice art style theft very cool

wtf are you on about

hi im starting up some new commissions and this time im offering $20 full body commissions which will look very much like the examples shown; shading, background (optional) and all! ^9^

all payments will be made through paypal and will be send as AUD (australian dollars) and i will first supply you with a watermarked image, receive the money, they send a non-watermarked image of your commission.

i will not draw

  • nsfw
  • mecha
  • masculine characters

however i will draw

  • OCs
  • anime/manga/game/whatever characters
  • canines
  • furries
  • OC ref sheets

when commissioning, please keep in mind that i have the right to refuse any request as well as the right to not supply a reason!

if you would like something cheaper or something less, please send me an ask/fanmail and we can certainly arrange something

full pictures of examples: 1 2 3 4 5

if youd like to discuss anything in detail everyone is welcome to ask me for my skype

have a nice day! :-)

me wife koishi komeiji

me wife koishi komeiji

demon character generator is very fun!